SAL (Supervised Alternative Learning)

As per SMCDSB website 

Supervised Alternative Learning (SAL)
This program provides students who have become disengaged (from school) with the opportunity to complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.  A Board committee  comprised of principal, teacher and board trustee, superintendent, continuing education principal, and a community representative.  This committee works closely with students and their families to determine the best academic and emotional/social support available for the student. The program is flexible in order to meet the various needs of students who are struggling with the regular school environment. 

There are various academic options for students which may include co-op, credit recovery, independent student learning, eLearning, all supervised by a pathways teacher. The purpose of SAL is to provide a transition back to a regular high school program. 


Students are between the ages of 13 and 18, struggling to meet the demands of secondary school due to personal, health or social issues. 


Contact your principal, vice-principal or guidance department about a referral to the SAL committee.
If you would like more information about who this person is, please contact us