Return to Learn / Return to Play

In support of student learning and well-being, it is important for students to be active and play sports. However, a student with a diagnosed concussion needs to follow a medically supervised, individualized Return to Learn/Return to Physical Activity Plan.

If you are aware of any concussions or suspected concussions that a student incurs outside the school environment, please notify school staff as soon as possible.   

What is Return to Learn?
Return to Learn means a student’s return to doing school work, including reading and writing, but does not include physical activities.

What is Return to Play?
Return to Physical Activity means the student’s return to participation in any physical activity that increases the student’s heart rate. It includes a student’s return to activities such as sports or physical education class.

The Return to Learn process is individualized and gradual to meet the particular needs of the student. There is no preset formula for developing strategies to assist a student with a concussion to return to his/her learning activities.

Concussion Management & Return to Learn