Applying to an Ontario University


Many colleges now offer full 4-year Bachelor degrees.

• Many colleges have articulation agreements with universities that allow students who have successfully 
completed a college diploma to move into Year 2 or 3 of a university program.

• Many universities recognize successful completion of college programs for entry into related university programs. 
Some bridging courses may be required, depending on the program.

• Most apprenticeships require completion of additional course modules offered at a college or training centre.
• Most colleges and universities offer testing to potential applicants to help determine if gaps in knowledge or skills need to be addressed through prep courses.

Learn more about changing pathways and post-secondary education by visiting Ontario Council on Articulation and 

Here is a brief timeline...


Look at your credit count and timetable.   

Ensure you have...

- 18 compulsory credits (one being ENG4C or 4U)

- 12 elective credits
- Minimum of six 4U/4M credits
- pre requisite courses for University programs of interest
- Literacy Requirement
- 40 Hours of community service completed

Be sure your Guidance counsellor knows about any on-line. correspondance, or night school courses you are taking

- Attend the Ontario Universities Fair 

September - October

Set yourself up to apply

 - start application procedures for subsidized (college) technical training through the military for a non-commissioned career

- establish a professional email address - use and check regularly

Ensure your guidance counsellor knows you intend to apply

Visit the MacLean's Student Life Expo
Visit the University Information Program night

September - November

Final research for your post-secondary destination


- Visit links to the right -->
 (Electronic Info website, Ontario University Application Centre, Campus Tours, Student Services resources)

Contact the university to set up a Campus Tour

September - June

- Research costs (tuition, residence, books, etc...) and begin applying for scholarships and bursaries (see scholarships link)

Semester 1 Midterm

Distribution of necessary PIN numbers and upload of marks to OUAC.

- Full disclosure applies to Gr. 11/12 courses not dropped within 5 days of mid-term report

- You will need your Personalized Identification Number (PIN).  Visit Guidance if you don't receive it during class visits.

- check to make sure you have all of your courses and marks to date have been uploaded correctly
Don't wait until the last minute!

- Very strong recommendation is to have applications completed before Christmas Break!  DO NOT wait until February!
  • submit payment of $150 for three choices - additional choices are $50 each. All fees are non-refundable
  • complete and return Additional Information Form (AIF)
  • be sure to keep a copy of your access codes (OUAC Reference Number and PIN)
  • ESL students should check to see if they must write the TOEFL or other entrance exam
- Supplemental application components may have later dates.


(Semester 1 Ended)

- Check to make sure all of your course marks to date have been uploaded correctly

- Check important date that college offers will be released and earliest date student may confirm an offer.

- Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) if still required for diploma

Check important dates for deadline for changes to choices to still be eligible for early admission.

- Set up Campus Visits during March Break

Semester 2 Midterm

- Full disclosure applies to Gr. 11/12 courses not dropped within 5 days of mid-term report

- check to make sure all of your courses and marks to date have been uploaded correctly



May - June

Check important date for the latest date to expect a response from universities (offer/refusal/deferral pending receipt of further information)  
Check important date universities may require response to offer of admisison and financial committment

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)
Residence applications and deposits

Make contact with support services (if applicable): Special Needs, ESL, First Generation


June - Summer

- course selections for September

- Orientation / Transition Programs at Universities

- Check to make sure all of your courses and marks to date have been uploaded correctly

- Ensure that College receives final marks for courses completed after July upload.


    If you have an Individual Education Plan in High School, or have a disability of any kind, you may be eligible for special supports at College or University. Click HERE to discover what every post-secondary school in Ontario has to offer.
Additional Resources

Electronic Info (Research Ontario Universities)

Campus Starter (Info About Canadian Universities)

College Board (Information About U.S. Schools)

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